Business banking and funding for

female black minority ethnic LGBTQ+ change makers.

Txeya is a digital banking platform for female, black, LGBTQ+ & all other founders providing access to funding and support to help your business thrive.

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Creating equality
in entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship is one of the most dynamic features of modern economies. Yet when you look at who gets funding, things aren’t changing fast enough.

of women-only businesses get funded*

of black founded businesses get funded*

of LGBTQ+ founded businesses get funded*

And when you look at the intersections of any of those groups, it gets even more troubling. Black women, for example, receive an infinitesimal percent of funding and rarely launch with VC or angel investment.

And yet, diversity-led businesses are proven to be more profitable. So, let’s change the game.

Where diversity investors meet diversity founders

Funding start-ups and businesses with diverse founders isn’t just good for society. It’s good for business.

A new generation of banking for a new generation of entrepreneurs

At Txeya, you’ll be supported every step of your business journey – from idea to IPO. And when you’re ready to fundraise, you’ll find the right investors too.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we pronounce it /teɪ.ə/

Banking built for entrepreneurs

Everything your business needs in a banking account plus access to investors who are actively looking for diversity-founded businesses like yours.

Online banking and mobile app

Access to investors via Txeya portal

Instant payments in GBP, Euro and USD

Expense management

Company debit cards

No personal guarantees

Learning as we grow

When you’re trying to shake up the status quo, things move pretty fast. And that means we won’t always get things right. But we are always ready to listen, learn and act.

So if we get something wrong, or if we’ve overlooked something you need, let us know.

*If you find the above statistics incredible, you can learn more here:

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