Launching Txeya Talks

We are very excited to announce our digital event series Txeya Talks, an open workshop for LGBTQ+ and FLINTA* professionals and leaders.

Resilience & mindset coach Annabel Zicker will focus on questions and challenges that diverse people in all industries face more often than their peers, and how to overcome obstacles such as impostor syndrome.

We invite Txeya Community members and LGBTQ+ and FLINTA professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs to join our remote workshop sessions. Participation is free.

Txeya Talks #1:

Why LGBTQ+ & FLINTA founders struggle to build businesses

Why do LGBTQ+ and FLINTA founders struggle to build a business? This session goes into some of the mental and structural data points we have collected over the past year to understand why diverse and underrepresented communities often face more challenges in the business world.

This workshop is not only for founders, but young professionals, students and leaders who are interested in understanding and overcoming challenges in the business world.