Txeya Update

Refining our mission with our new partners and investors

It has been a while since we updated our friends and customers on our progress, but we’re happy to announce a few major highlights that have developed over the past months:

  • We have refined our mission
  • We’ve revamped our website to meet our renewed product proposition
  • Welcome to our investors and partners, Gaingels and FoundersFactory

Our mission: enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs

First of all, we are very grateful for the feedback that we got from our friends, our communities, our first customers, investors and peers. We’ve been able to leap forward with our concept of a purpose-driven and empowering financial platform for founders and entrepreneurs who have been traditionally underrepresented, overlooked or underestimated.

Txeya’s mission hasn’t changed: We want to empower founders financially, and we want to enable businesses to see the value of social diversity in their teams. Because of our extensive team experience in banking and credit, this was the area that we looked at first.

To solve the issues underrepresented founders have when trying to access capital, we’ve worked on our first product proposition. We came up with a banking solution that opens up entrepreneurship to everybody, but especially to those who traditionally haven’t had the cultural, social or economic infrastructure to get ahead, namely women, LGBTQIA+ and minoritized BiPOC.


Txeya Card: Rewarding diversity with credit, cashback and community

When discussing the roadblocks that underrepresented founders meet on their journey, three points are often mentioned:

  • They have less access to capital,
  • they don’t have a community of peers,
  • and they do not feel incentivized or in any way taken care of by their bank.

We know these problems. We’ve had them, too.

We want to be a financial partner for every founder who has been discriminated against systematically, and who is trying to break through the glass ceiling. We also want Txeya to become a place of fruitful exchange, of knowledge and education, and of empowerment. That’s why our first product – a business card with a credit line, generous cashback and an embedded community – is more than just a tool to make payments. Txeya Card is a financial companion that is at your side for every step of your journey.

Learn more about Txeya Card

Welcome to Gaingels and FoundersFactory

Meet FoundersFactory

We have joined Founders Factory, which will set us on a fast track to product launch. FoundersFactory is the world’s leading startup accelerator and venture studio that invests in founders who solve global problems through the use of technology. It’s an award-winning pre-seed to Series A venture studio with a diverse team of over 100 specialists with expert skills. FoundersFactory has worked with close to 200 startups across all stages, it’s also backed by some of the biggest names in business, like LEGO, EasyJet, M&S, and Vodafone. FoundersFactory provides exceptional founders with capital, expert operational support, and access to world-class corporates to help these companies create the technology they need to solve some of the biggest problems facing the world.

Meet Gaingels

We are proud to announce that we’ve also joined Gaingels. Gaingels is a leading investment syndicate that is run by individuals with one common mission; to advance social change through business. Gaingels services LGBTQIA+ and allies because it’s dedicated to supporting diversity in leadership at all levels within the venture capital ecosystem. As a matter of fact, it has deployed over $600,000,000 into over 1000 companies since 2019. Gaingels invests in companies with underrepresented founders and high-growth companies that are determined to build a more inclusive team.