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Txeya is a community-driven financial platform for entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Txeya supports founders who are traditionally overlooked in business, for example women and LGBTQIA+, through financial tools like credit, banking, networking events and business support.

Txeya is pronounced tey-yuh or /teɪ.ə/. The X is silent but reflective of the gender-neutral X in words like Latinx. The company was named in honour of Theodora of Constantinople, a historic feminist and one of the first ever business-women.

We currently accept all European liability limited businesses and freelancers with a tax number registration to join our community.

We’re currently in waitlist, but we’ll be launching soon. Sign up now to help us test and build the platform.

Txeya is required to store some of your personal and transactional data in order for you to use our services. Your data is protected in line with industry standards. This essentially means that only some of our employees have access to your data if it is absolutely necessary. We automatically delete information that we no longer need and all data that we store and process is subject to extensive technical and organisational security measures.

You can read more about our data storage policies in the privacy policy.

Everyone can join the Txeya community for free. When we launch our credit and banking services, you can choose which products you want to apply for.

Txeya will operate on a monthly subscription model. You will be informed of fees during the application process.

Because numbers talk, and right now, we don’t like what we’re hearing. 

Unfortunately, diverse entrepreneurs (like those who are female, black, and LGBTQIA+) make up a disproportionate minority of successful business owners/teams due to systemic and structural issues based on inaccurate prejudices. This means that there are thousands of hard-working individuals who aren’t getting the business support they need due to irrelevant and uncontrollable factors like sexuality, race, and/or gender.  For example, investors in European tech start-ups placed [67% ] of their money in companies with no female founders .

And quite frankly, that doesn’t sit right with us. We want to show the world why we believe in underrepresented entrepreneurs by giving them the tools they need to let their businesses break boundaries and reach new heights of success. 

Because diversity isn’t just good for society, it’s good for business.

Txeya Card

Underrepresented or underestimated founders and entrepreneurs, businesses with a social DNA and everyone who wants to support purpose and community driven banking. Allies always welcome.

No. Everyone is welcome to join our community. The Txeya Card application is a separate process.

We offer up to €250,000 credit across all cards, restricted to eligibility.

Customers who tell us about their company and diversity get a cashback of 2% on all purchases. An additional percentage (up to 1%) can be acquired through referrals (0,2% per eligible referral).

The Txeya business cards are self-managed through our app.


Txeya offers you coaching, funding, legal and branding support to help your businesses succeed.

Meanwhile, our community offers educational content, chats, forums and networking events.

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