About Txeya

Txeya is a community-driven financial platform for businesses led by women and LGBTQIA+ founders. Our mission is to empower founders with smart financial tools, and to enable organisations of all sizes to recognize the value diversity in business.

Our mission

Economy thrives on innovation, creativity and out of the box problem solving. We believe that diversity in teams and in entrepreneurship sparks those important processes and light-bulb moments that will lead us there.

That’s why we have set out to build a financial companion for underrepresented founders, with every tool they need to start, grow and scale their business – from first business card to IPO.

Our vision

Our vision is to create better credit scoring methods for diverse businesses, better access to funding opportunities for diverse entrepreneurs, and financial tools for a future generation of entrepreneurs.

Why? Because we are betting that teams with people from different backgrounds make better, more profitable, and more sustainable businesses.


Who are we?

Paula Pandolfino



Wayne Dam

Operations & Finance


Annabel Zicker

Community & People


Sara Chahrrour

Product & Marketing


Jonathan Loretto



Sonal Kadchha

Advisory Board


Mike Silvey

Advisory Board


What we believe in


Txeya – an unusual name for a remarkable woman

Txeya was named in honour of Theodora of Constantinople – the X-rated Cinderella you may have never heard of.


Born into poverty in Syria around AD500, Theodora rose from child actress / sex worker to become an Eastern Roman empress and one of the most powerful women in history. An early and ardent feminist, she worked for women’s marriage and dowry rights, anti-rape legislation and to stop pimps making their money from sex workers. Her laws banished brothel-keepers from Constantinople and from all the major cities of the empire.

So, when you hear Txeya, think of Thea and everything she achieved.

By the way: When you pronounce Txeya, the “x” is silent.

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