Where investors meet diversity founders

Funding start-ups and businesses with diverse founders isn’t just good for society.

It’s good for business.

Start-ups with women founders deliver twice the return on investment of men-only companies[1]. A third of UK unicorns were founded by Asian or other minority ethnic leaders[2]. And businesses with greater ethnic, racial and gender diversity in management are significantly more likely to have higher financial returns[3]. By investing via Txeya you get:
  • Access to diversity-founded and ESG-compliant businesses
  • Smart investor-to-founder matching done via AI – helping tackle unconscious bias
  • Open banking API allowing you to get access to due diligence data
  • A greater deal flow.

Putting a sock in the pipeline problem

‘We don’t invest in diverse founders because we can’t find them.’ Heard that before? Said it yourself? It’s what’s known as the pipeline problem. But it’s a problem that simply doesn’t exist. Women are the fastest growing demographic for founding new start-ups[4]. And people from minority ethnic communities are twice as likely as their white counterparts to be early-stage entrepreneurs[5]. The truth is, there is no shortage of excellence when it comes to entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. Perhaps investors just didn’t know where to look. But now they do. Right here at Txeya.